How to Make an Aligned Income Online From Anywhere In The World! 
Even If You Have No Experience Or Social Media Following!


About Your Host


Hey, it's Chels!
I went from being a Burnt Out Network Marketer to creating a Wildly Successful Online Business using the same Blueprint you'll find in this Free Training. 6 months after starting my business I was able to become a stay at home mama and replace my full-time job income using High Ticket offers and Automation.

I went from feeling frustrated and unaligned, cold messaging people, bugging family & friends and hosting parties. To pursing my purpose, building my business in FULL alignment and coaching 100's of visionaries looking to create financial peace through automation and authentic presence online.


For 6 years I was hustling & grinding so hard earning low-ticket commissions that I almost gave up and thought all online businesses were the same. Until I Discovered the Blueprint to Creating a High Profit Online Business and a way to work smarter not harder. And I can't wait to show you how too!

After having my son I became so determined to leave my j.o.b & create a legacy business so I could be a present mom and witness all of his milestones. I now have 3 beautiful children that I have been able to raise without daycares & babysitters, so I couldn't be more grateful that I said YES to building this business! 

 I've earned more money in 1 month than when I used to in 6 months working full-time at my job. Anything is truly possible when you put your mind to it, take action towards your goals, believe in yourself and focus each day on becoming a better version of yourself!

My overall mission goes beyond helping you to earn an income online or to get your time back. I want to help inspire, motivate and pave the way for hard-working women that know they deserve more, and to provide them with the tools and trainings to live the life of their dreams so they are truly fulfilled, happy, and achieve the freedom they deserve!



What You Will Learn In This Free Training




 How to create a personal brand on social media and get paid to be yourself, leveraging attraction marketing
⊹ How a personal brand belongs to you and how it will grow and change as you do
How you can turn any passion of yours into a wildly successful business
We teach you how to be a creator - you just have to have a dream and a desire


How to work smarter rather than harder by earning higher commissions per sale, as well as finding a product that is both good for you, your bank account and the planet
How to stop trading your time for money

How to look more deeply at what you are doing now to see if it is going to give you the life you really want 

To formulate a plan to get you to where you want to be!


⊹ How to maximize processes and systems that have been done for you so you can create time freedom and do what you love
How you can make your business work for you so you can create time, location & financial freedom
⊹ Without automation in an online income, you have no time leverage (AKA freedom)


This Is For You If...


You’re a mom craving the freedom to spend more time together as a family without having to worry about how you’re going to earn an income

You’re a traditional business owner who desires multiple streams of income and time leverage


You’re a network marketer wanting to escape the hustle of low ticket and selling to your friends and family

You're a total newbie to the online space and want to learn how to create a high profit business, without being a slave to your phone
You're a coach or consultant sick of being on the launch hamster-wheel, forever on sales calls and seeking a more automated business
You’re a free spirited traveller who wants to work from anywhere and not have to sacrifice comfort for experience
You’re an impact driven soulpreneur who craves a business model that allows you to create real change in people's lives



About Creating Freedom Online


Heather Lenah

Heather was working as a structural engineer in Corporate America when she quickly realized that she wasn’t living her best life.
As a full-time mom, Heather has since been able to retire her husband after just 1.5 years and they are currently living in Costa Rica with their son, a new baby on the way and are building a sustainable homestead together - creating the life they have always dreamed of.

Brooke W March

Brooke is a truth teller and loves to empower women and mothers to step more fully into their voices and their pleasure.
After a 9 year "motherhood slumber," she built a successful online business having ZERO tech skills and unschooling her 2 children, she now teaches and empowers others to create what they truly desire in their lives.

Sam Tyers

Sam was a burnt out full time mama trading time for money and although living in tropical paradise, had little time together with her family and didn't have the finances to live a life of choices with the location free life they loved. 
3 years on from finding this business vehicle, they are living in Costa Rica, both entrepreneurs running their business from the middle of the jungle!